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Led by DARPA or DARPAConnect staff, these sessions offer a unique opportunity to learn about ongoing projects, emerging trends, and the Agency's forward-looking vision.

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On Demand Lessons

This section includes key DARPA introductory material for new potential performers. Topics include overviews of programs and technical offices, types of opportunities, and tips for pursuing DARPA funding.

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Featured Event

  • This interactive virtual event features DARPA office directors, program managers, and staff discussing a myriad of DARPA submission-related topics. This virtual event will also include a limited number of 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with Program Managers for feedback on your Heilmeier Catechism and an Ask Me Anything Q&A session for answers to all your DARPA questions, directly from the Agency.

New to DARPAConnect Learning?

Begin with DARPA 101: Introduction to DARPA below to get started and learn more about the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. If you're a global participant, we'd encourage you to visit "Working with DARPA: Global Participation and Engagements."

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    Since its inception, DARPA has played a significant role in driving technological advancement, having been the vehicle by which American scientists have introduced innovations like stealth technologies, flat-screens, GPS, and the internet. In this module, you will learn more about DARPA, its organizational structure, and its role in advancing national security.

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    DARPA relies on global partnerships with fellow members of the international science and technology ecosystem to achieve its mission. In this module, you will learn more about opportunities for global participants to work with DARPA, helpful hints and tips for members of the international community, and success stories from previous DARPA programs with contributions from organizations outside of the United States.