DARPAConnect Learning

Getting Started and Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I register to join DARPAConnect?

You can learn more about the DARPAConnect community and fill out the registration form from the Join Us page. 

Can I take courses if I am not a member of DARPAConnect?  

No, DARPAConnect online lessons are exclusively available to members of the DARPAConnect community. There is no cost associated with joining, simply register by filling out the form on the Join Us page.    

Is there a way to search for specific content or lessons on the site?     

Yes, there are two ways this can be done:  

  • You can select the Content by Category option found in the left menu to view lessons broken out into the three main curriculum categories. This will open the category-specific page which contains all curriculum for that category and features a search bar at the top for keyword search as well as sorting options.
  • You can select the Catalog option found in the left menu, which will take you to a comprehensive curriculum catalog of all lessons featuring Category search, Keyword search, and other filtering options. 

If I have other questions (not addressed in this section), how do I contact DARPAConnect?

If you need assistance with registration, accessing content, or are experiencing any issues, please reach out to us through the Contact Form.