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Connect Corner Webinar: Understanding OTs (July 31, 2024)

Includes a Live Web Event on 07/31/2024 at 2:00 PM (EDT)

During this high-impact session, James "Mac" Ritch, Ali Etedali, and Scott Ulrey, DARPA CMO, will provide a high-level overview of Other Transactions (OTs) within the context of DARPA. Designed to facilitate innovative solutions and streamline acquisition processes, OTs offer a unique approach to government contracting that differs from traditional procurement methods.

Whether you're an established DARPA contractor or new to engaging with DARPA, this session provides valuable insights into effectively utilizing OTs within DARPA's environment.

Key highlights of this DARPAConnect webinar include:

  • Understanding OTs in the DARPA Context: Learn how OTs are used within DARPA's unique environment, driving innovative research and development projects.
  • Lowering Barriers to Entry for DARPA Initiatives: Understand how OTs make it easier for new and non-traditional contractors to participate in DARPA projects.
  • Advantages for DARPA Contractors: Explore the benefits OTs offer to contractors working with DARPA and how they improve project efficiency.

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07/31/2024 at 2:00 PM (EDT)  |  60 minutes
07/31/2024 at 2:00 PM (EDT)  |  60 minutes This event will be hosted via Zoom. The event link will be visible here 15 minutes prior to the event.